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Week at a Glance 
As we and the 2014 season sail off into the sunset, get ready for more great club races on beautiful Lake Mendota in 2015!
Watch here next year for the details on MYC races.  In the meantime, checkout other calendar events for the coming week and get those iceboat runners sharpened and skis waxed. See you on the ice & slopes!
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Commodore's Welcome

Welcome to the Mendota Yacht Club!  If you’re looking to become part of a club with a long history of terrific sailing, reasonable dues and a friendly social atmosphere, you’ve come to the right spot!


Founded in 1903, the Mendota Yacht Club is the oldest sailing club on Lake Mendota and Dane County.  Lake Mendota is recognized as one of the best, if not the best, inland lake in the county for sailboat racing. As a member club of Inland Lake Yachting Association (ILYA) we routinely host regattas for all scow classes. We’ve had our share of members who have achieved regional, national, and Olympic recognition whose sailing roots are anchored here.  


Our fleets consist of one design scows and keelboats.  We race on Wednesday and Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.  If you’re an experienced skipper or crew, someone who just discovered the fun of sailboat racing, or someone who just wants to talk shop with sailors, you’ll find opportunities for developing your skills at MYC!


Our club is more than just racing; we host fun events and regular after race parties during the season at a variety of venues.  Because our club is a volunteer run organization, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and meet other members.  In fact, many of our members are also members of the Four Lakes Ice Yacht club and would be happy to introduce you to the fun of soft and hard water sailing!


Again, welcome to the MYC.  Please explore the website and feel free to contact the membership chair if you have any questions.


Brian Anderson

Membership in Mendota Yacht Club is open to everyone interested in yachting, seamanship, and other kindred matters and related activities. We welcome both racing and non-racing sailors. Membership is open to all persons - regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender.

Our Mission Statement 

The purpose of this association shall be to encourage and foster the sport of yachting among young and old ... to sometime, somewhere win an Inland Lakes Regatta, and to do all other things agreeable and necessary to carry out the purposes of this corporation. 

Meet Your Board 

Brian Anderson, MYC Commodore (2015) & Director (thru 2015) 
I learned how to sail back in high school on a sunfish. I later purchased a used Laser but always a casual sailor, never having raced. I joined MYC back in the early 1990s when I started racing occasionally with Hoofer scows, both M20, later I20 and E scows. One summer when work was slow, I was able to commit to the Hoofer rating system and earned heavy ratings on Techs, Interlakes (the predecessor to Badger Sloop) 470s, Laser, C, M20 and E scows, J22 and J24, The new FJ and both heavy keelboats they had at the time (only Soma remains). In 1996, I went in with some friends and purchased an old wood A scow which we spent the winter rebuilding. My first ILYA and first A scow regatta was in 1998 in Clear Lake and I had so much fun I decided to purchase my own A scow (fiberglass) so I could be more competitive. I raced Bluechip for 10 years before selling it in 2008.
With kids growing into the sailing ages, I began looking for youth sailing opportunities. After helping other MYC members kick start a youth movement over a few year period, in 2012 I gathered a few of the other parents then organized to help to reinvigorate Madison Youth Sailing Foundation, a 20 year old youth sailing organization started by past MYC parents. In 2013 I became president of MYSF as well as rear-commodore for MYC.
My main interest in joining the MYC board is to foster the growth of youth sailing and provide more opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy sailing in Madison.
Sailing is a great escape from stressful work and has provided me with many great friends and many hours of enjoyment on the water over the years.
When I’m not sailing or organizing sailing, you will find me working as a technical director / sound engineer for Overture Center for the Arts or some other concert or event such as the Varsity Band Show.
Tim Sugar, MYC Vice Commodore (2015) & Director (thru 2016) 
I started sailing on X boat’s with my brothers, Hugh and Ben Sugar, in the Mendota Yacht Club Youth Program in 1989. At that point we were one of five X boats left in the club’s youth program with Greg Simon as the esteemed instructor. Unfortunately the club’s X boat program dwindled to only two boats and eventually folded due to lack of boats and participation. After X boats, I was luckily asked to start crewing for Lon Schoor and Bill Mattison on their E and A programs. I give credit to the people mentioned above for my love of sailing.
I was also part of the Hoofer Youth program and become a youth instructor at fifteen. Hoofers introduced me to dinghy racing and college sailing. Throughout my undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison I raced dinghies on the UW sailing team. As a team member we would drive to the east coast several times a year for a weekend of sailing!
After college and law school Hugh, Darby and I started campaigning an E-Scow. We added Hugh’s spouse Annie Sugar to the program several years ago and have had a blast racing it both locally in MYC races and around the country.
Aside from sailing, I enjoy DN iceboating, kiteboarding, snowboarding, fishing and spending time with my family and beautiful wife Darby. Darby and I have two kiddo’s Sydney (23 months) and Arles (10 weeks) that we hope will help fuel the MYC youth program in the future.
My interest in the MYC is to encourage new membership and to promote internal growth and friendships among all the fleets. I am looking forward to the next two years as a board member and would encourage other club members to step up and take on a volunteer role in the club. It is a lot of fun!
Bob Fanning, MYC Rear Commodore (2015) & Director (thru 2017) 
I learned to sail in the Finger Lakes in upstate NY. I started sailing on my father’s home-built Sea Flea when I was about four. He later replaced it with a Sunfish. When I was in high school I started teaching sailing merit badge at a Boy Scout camp. Then I became a sailing racing instructor on Keuka Lake at a YMCA overnight camp. We sailed a local boat similar to a Badger Sloop called a K-boat. I raced in the K-boat nationals several times.
I went to undergraduate school in Boston and joined the community boating center located on the Charles River. I also learned to windsurf while in college.
After graduating from Northeastern University with a BSME, I moved to Wilmington, NC and started racing windsurfers. I was also a founding member and later president of the Cape Fear Windsurfing Association.
I was fortunate enough to meet my wonderful wife Suzanne in Wilmington and we had all three of our children (Brendon, Walker and Laurel Kate) while living there. Sailing then became something I only did with my kids on summer vacations in the Finger Lakes.
I started sailing competitively again after meeting Dave Gorwitz when we moved next door to each other in the fall of 2007. I started out match racing with Madison Match Racing League and became a hoofer member. I also joined Mendota Yacht Club and have crewed on several keelboats including Eidolon and Brisingamen.
I love racing with the MYC and became a board member because I want to do my part to keep the club functioning and growing. It’s also a lot of fun to get together when we cannot sail.
Donna Schoor, MYC Treasurer (2015) & Director (thru 2017) 
I have been retired for a number of years. Most of my free time is spent volunteering in a variety of venues some of which include MYC, NCESA, tutor at school, gardening - Master Gardener (my own gardens and public gardens within Maple Bluff), skiing, traveling, enjoying family and friends.
Joined MYC in 1972 - racing E's. Have volunteered for a variety of events/positions in MYC over the years - Bilge Board editor with Lon back in the 70's, coordinated and worked on many ILYA Events hosted by MYC, E-Invite in 1999 (133 boats), membership chair, implemented the current website, help coordinate efforts at Burrows Park and volunteer in the club whenever/wherever needed. I’ve been the club treasurer since 2012 and this is my second term on the board. We travel to many E regattas throughout each summer season and have made many friends across the country. I currently help Lon in his role as Sec/Treasurer for the National Class E Scow Assoc.
Barbie Stimpson, MYC Secretary (2015) & Director (thru 2015) 
I met my husband Andy Jackson in 2000 and he taught me to sail. Prior to that I sailed Techs with Hoofers in 1975 but didn’t continue the experience although I always wanted to be a sailor. Andy and I raced I-20s for a few years and then raced E Scows until the end of the 2012 season, attending several regattas in addition to our MYC club racing. We also owned a Beachcomber 25 for a few years and then bought our Tartan 27-II, NorthStar which we used as a “cocktail boat” to take friends out to watch MYC races on Friday nights until 2012. I retired 5 years ago and after Andy retired 2 years ago we began our NorthStar cruising life on the North Channel and Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. We spent the better part of July and August up there over the past two summers and we thoroughly enjoy the cruising life, although we miss the racing and energizing activity of scow sailing.
Aside from sailing, my passions in life are working with low-income kids – especially doing water sports, downhill skiing, and just being with Andy. We’re avid Badger fans and we have just begun branching out into traveling that involves visiting out-of-town friends and destinations other than our primary sailing and skiing travels. My interests in the MYC other than the primary focus of sailing, are to encourage new sailors and members, keep Burrows Park beautiful and well-maintained, and to encourage clarity and transparency in club operations. My dream is that we may sometime be able to have a clubhouse, but in the meantime, I hope we’ll continue to keep Burrows community & neighbor-friendly and a great place for our scow community to gather.
Peggy Elath, Director (thru 2015)
I had the great good fortune to be born into a sailing family in Chicago, and initially sailed on a beautiful boat my parents built themselves. Most of my early experience was cruising, but as a young adult I raced Tumlarens for several seasons out of Monroe St. Harbor. I helped deliver a 60 foot Ketch from Florida to Chicago one summer during college - we came into New York Harbor, down the Erie Canal, through the 8 locks of the Welland Canal around Niagara Falls, through the Detroit River.... quite the experience.
I sail the oldest J80 on the lake (and one of the oldest, period) - #18. Even so, it's still a good boat! I've raced it 8 or 9 years now, so I have no excuse for not being better at it than I am. Especially because the team of sailors who race with me are exceptional! Also, my partner Carol has been a central team member, and continues to be very supportive.
I started racing on Lake Mendota on Anma Ingeana's S2 7.9, Barigenae, with the WITS team (Women's Initiative Through Sailing) in 2000, which was fun and very competitive - some amazing women were part of that team! I had wanted to race on Lake Mendota for several years, and had joined Hoofers for two summers, but couldn't find my way into the Club until I overheard a conversation while running my dog at a dog park. It shouldn't have been so hard! We've made many changes in the last few years that make the club easier to discover and easier to join. I came onto the board two years ago because I felt I needed to contribute to the club, since I've gotten so much from it. As Membership Chair this year, I'm working to build closer ties with Hoofers and I want to help foster more youth sailing. I'd like to see Mendota Yacht Club become better known in the Madison area, and have a broader membership base.
Paul McMillan, Director (thru 2016)  
I must have started sailing as a kid back in the mid to late fifties. Our neighbors had boats so I got to sail on a Seagull. One of my neighbors and childhood friends was Bill Hanson and we sailed on his Wood Pussy, which was more of a bailing experience than a sailing experience as it tended to sink a lot. Later I got a Sailfish and eventually went into Cub boats and organized sailing.
Hanson had a couple of old C Scows but in 1965 he got a new one and then we started sailing scows more than Cubs. - - - I must have been an MYC member since around 1962. I also taught sailing at the Mendota Sailing School from about 1965 to 1970. - - - We sailed C boats until the early 70s and then got into crewing on E Scows. In the mid to late 70s I started getting into the cruising fleets, which is when I partnered up with Donnie Anderson and Bill Von Rutenberg to buy a Ranger 26. Then we partnered on several other boats, mostly Melges 24s into the late 90s or early 2000s. I continued to crew on E boats off & on during these years and then I pulled jib on Donnie & Jeff Russell’s A Scow, Magic Bus as long as they had it. Then I crewed a little bit with Donnie on his Laser SB3. In 2012 I bought an MC, which I’ve been sailing locally and at some regattas since that time. I’ve also joined the Labor Day old geezer crew on Donnie’s Crocker design cat boat. I think this classic boat was the youngest thing out there (not sure about Donnie’s age). I also enjoy ice boating in the wintertime.
Myles Sommerfeldt asked me to be on the board a couple years ago when he was retiring from it and I guess I paused a little too long, so he said thank you. As a board member I’m currently involved with the marketing committee. It’s a good experience to learn and participate in how decisions are made and I’d recommend it to any and all members to give it a try.
Keith Rosenbaum, MYC Director (thru 2016) 
Aside from a week of “cruising” on Flathead Lake in summer camp in Montana while in high school, I moved to Wisconsin in 1999, having very little practical sailing experience. My wife, Heidi and I quickly joined Hoofers, where we started simultaneously in techs and Soma, aka the cow boat. I eventually became rated on all then existing Hoofer boats, including skipper rated on Soma. I instructed on Soma and scows on a volunteer basis until the birth of our first child, Lena, in 2008.
Meanwhile, I joined MYC in 2001, pulling jib on Commodore Brian Anderson’s A-scow until he sold his boat. I started sailing E-scows with Bill and Jamie Hanson in 2002. When their crew, Justin Segersten, bought his first E-scow, I began sailing with Justin, until he sold his boat (hopefully this isn’t a pattern I started…) After a couple of years of jumping around the fleet as needed, I began sailing with Patrick Heaney on the Wild Turkey in 2013.
Off-lake, I have been sailing with Oshkosh’s Aaron Lynn on his I-20 at most regattas since 2002.
I joined the board after Darby cornered me at Lake Geneva a few years ago. My primary focus is helping to build all fleets, especially the I-20 and youth fleets. My oldest is getting excited about Optis, and my 3 year old, Kalli, also loves being on the water. I am excited about MYC’s continuing partnership with Madison Youth Sailing. I currently serve as the club’s co-social chair with Tim Stanton and am slated to serve as regatta chair for this year’s I-20 Inlands on Mendota in August.
Pete Mooney, Director (thru 2017)  
Pete prefers helping Hoofers and MYC over talking about himself, so the editor put together a little info on him here. Pete has been a member of MYC for several years, but he is an institution over at the Hoofer Sailing Club, where he has been a member for over forty years, maybe even close to fifty. He always wears a smile and always can be found out to sea on Lake Mendota, where he is the definitive instructor on the big keelboats. If you see Soma or Decoy racing or with a whole slew of trainees in a lesson, most likely you’ll see Pete’s smiling face and easy-going style giving pointers to the enthusiastic crew.
Pete is always willing to lend a hand and I guess that’s why he was easy to press into service at the MYC Annual Membership Meeting last fall. As a nominee from the floor, Pete graciously agreed to serve on our board and he has been a helpful participant throughout his first year of service.
Do you want a good friend, a good helper, a good sailor? Say “hi” to Pete Mooney!


Amidships News


What's New?

Where did last summer's pictures go?
(January 12, 2015)
Time to look ahead to the new year.  The 2014 Year in Review pictures are now located in the 2014 Season Web Archive.  It sure was a great year!

Website Hosting Message (December 31, 2014)
MYC website administrators received a year-end message from our hosting service, which details the enhancements ClubExpress made in 2014.  We will explore use of some of these enhancements in the coming year.  You can read the message here.

Website Status (November 24, 8:49 PM)

The following communication was received from Club Express:

At approximately 5:15 PM Central time, the DDOS attack appeared to have stopped. Working with our hosting company, we brought our servers back online at 5:20. All club and association websites are operating normally. Again, there is no evidence that any club websites or data were compromised in any way by this attack. Thank you for your understanding, and we wish everyone a peaceful and warm Thanksgiving with family and friends.

MYC Website Availability (November 24, 7:00 PM)
I received the message below and I'm passing it on to you in case you have noticed an interruption in MYC Website service. Currently it appears that the website is available. I'll publish final communications on the website when they become available. If you have concerns or questions you can contact me at Barbie's email. However, this is the only information I have at the current time.
Today (Monday, November 24, 2014) at approximately 4:00 PM Central time, MYC's Website Provider and Hosting Service noticed a huge increase in traffic hitting our servers. After a very short time, they both determined that this was a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. Thousands of hijacked computers around the world were being used to attack our servers to try and break in and steal data. Working together, they decided to take the ClubExpress servers completely offline for a short period of time. Once the hackers see that nothing is getting through, they should stop their DDOS attack. The servers are working fine and remain secure. There is no evidence whatsoever that any club data was compromised or accessed by these hackers. They will continue to monitor the situation closely and send out another email to MYC Administrators once they have an update. I apologize for the inconvenience but I hope you’ll understand that we’re taking this approach out of an excess of caution to protect our customers’ websites and data.
MYC Board of Directors Meeting (November 3)
Wonder what your board of directors is up to this year?  You are invited to attend any of the monthly meetings, which are held the first Monday of the month, beginning informally at 6 p.m. and convening for the official meeting at 6:30.  The location changes each month, so be sure to check the MYC Calendar for details. November's meeting will be held at the Rigby Pub and Grill, 119 East Main Street. The agenda for the meeting is viewable by logged in members at the top of this page. All are invited for dinner and drinks following the meeting.
2015 Chicago Boat, RV, and Strictly Sail Show
Be sure to plan on attending the expanded Strictly Sail Show for 2015 (January 14-18, 2015), which now includes other boats and RVs. See for details.  Also see this announcement for details of the one-day Hoofer Sailing Club excursion on Saturday, January 17th.  This is a great opportunity to skip the driving and join a big group from the Madison area to descend on the Saturday event.
MYC trophies now on display at the Edgewater Hotel (October 27)

The next time you’re visiting the Edgewater, be sure to inspect the display cases on level 7, just outside the Statehouse Bar. Our club has provided two retired trophies for a more or less permanent display. They are: The Gene Wheeler Memorial, originally a C boat trophy, repurposed for Keelboat Division 1 but retired a few years ago. The other is an X Boat trophy awarded for 1st place in the July 4th Handicap race. Thanks to Andrew Lewis for doing the legwork on this.

Welcome 2015 Officers and Directors
(September 18)

Please welcome our 2015 Season MYC Directors elected to the Board of Directors on September 17, 2014 at the Annual Business Meeting and new MYC Officers elected at the Directors' Meeting immediately following.

Officers (term)
Brian Anderson (2015), Commodore
Tim Sugar (2016), Vice Commodore
Bob Fanning (2017), Rear Commodore
Donna Schoor (2017), Treasurer
Barbie Stimpson (2015), Secretary
New Directors (term)
Bob Fanning (2017)
Pete Mooney (2017)
Donna Schoor (2017) - elected to a second term
The officers and new directors join our continuing Directors to complete the nine members of the Board:
Continuing Directors (term)
Peggy Elath (2015)
Paul McMillan (2016)
Keith Rosenbaum (2015)
Where did it go?  All the Home Page content for the 2014 season has now been archived.  You can see it all by selecting the link directly above.

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Upcoming Events
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What's Hot?
Are you heading for warmer climes with some winter sailing in mind?  Be sure to send us a story and pictures! Send to MYC Webmaster for publication on our Home Page front and center! 
E Fleet Loaner Boat
The loaner boat, H-23, had a great 2014 season. The boat is still available for charter in the 2015 season. Contact Lon or Mike if you are interested in learning more.
There may be a local E boat for sale in the coming months; so if you are looking to be the latest E owner, let us know!
MCs for Kids Too!
The MC is a great boat for youth sailors to either sail or crew. Please keep the MC fleet in mind if you know of a younger person interested in sailing. The MC can also be a nice option for graduating Opti sailors looking to continue sailing. Don’t hesitate to ask an MC sailor about the boat or sailing options as the fleet would be happy to have youths sail with us, especially when the wind picks up.
If you have any questions about the MC fleet or would have interest in meeting fleet members at a social outing, please don’t hesitate to contact fleet captain David Sebald.
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