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Upcoming Events

Commodore's Welcome

Welcome to the Mendota Yacht Club!  If you’re looking to become part of a club with a long history of terrific sailing, reasonable dues and a friendly social atmosphere, you’ve come to the right spot!


Founded in 1903, the Mendota Yacht Club is the oldest sailing club on Lake Mendota and Dane County.  Lake Mendota is recognized as one of the best, if not the best, inland lake in the county for sailboat racing. As a member club of Inland Lake Yachting Association (ILYA) we routinely host regattas for all scow classes. We’ve had our share of members who have achieved regional, national, and Olympic recognition whose sailing roots are anchored here.  


Our fleets consist of one design scows and keelboats.  We race on Wednesday and Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.  If you’re an experienced skipper or crew, someone who just discovered the fun of sailboat racing, or someone who just wants to talk shop with sailors, you’ll find opportunities for developing your skills at MYC!


Our club is more than just racing; we host fun events and regular after race parties during the season at a variety of venues.  Because our club is a volunteer run organization, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and meet other members.  In fact, many of our members are also members of the Four Lakes Ice Yacht club and would be happy to introduce you to the fun of soft and hard water sailing!


Again, welcome to the MYC.  Please explore the website and feel free to contact the membership chair if you have any questions.


Dave Gorwitz

Membership in Mendota Yacht Club is open to everyone interested in yachting, seamanship, and other kindred matters and related activities. We welcome both racing and non-racing sailors. Membership is open to all persons - regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender.

Our Mission Statement 

The purpose of this association shall be to encourage and foster the sport of yachting among young and old ... to sometime, somewhere win an Inland Lakes Regatta, and to do all other things agreeable and necessary to carry out the purposes of this corporation. 

Meet Your Board 


Dave Gorwitz, MYC Commodore and Director (thru 2018)




I started sailing in college when I joined Hoofers in 1979.  I later became a Hoofers instructor and started racing in MYC on Hoofers’ Santa Cruz 33, Maria.  A couple of years later I purchased my first boat, a Santa Cruz 27, Cadenza.  Our all-Hoofers-alumni crew on Cadenza won a bunch of MYC trophies, including a couple of season championships.  I also did a fair amount of cruising as part of Hoofers’ flotillas, skippering many trips to the Florida Keys and San Diego.  Several of us also chartered in the BVI, Greek Islands, Australia and New Zealand.


In the mid-1980’s, I purchased Tyrol Marine Sailboat House (now The Boathouse of Madison) and got into the sailboat business.  I continued my racing and in 1993 we purchased one of the very first Melges 24’s.  In addition to racing in MYC, I had the privilege of sailing with some really fine professionals in the M24 fleet over the next 10-15 years, including Keith Musto, Dave Ullman and Scott Allen.  I also was regular crew on Jeff Russel and Donny Anderson’s A-scow, the Magic Bus.


I sold the Boathouse in around 2003 and set off on my current career as a business attorney.  My off-Mendota racing these days is focused on match racing.  Getting into match racing has really improved my game and has re-invigorated my love of the sport; if you want to get better, try match racing!  Sailing with MYC member Dave Niemann, we have been steadily improving and last year were ranked by ISAF as high as No. 44 in in the world and No. 5 in the USA.  For the second consecutive year, we have qualified for the US Match Race Championships (to be sailed this October in Swedish Match 40’s at Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY).


My MYC racing for the past five years or so has been as a crew member on Chuck Duroni and Dave Niemann’s J80, Eidolon.  I couldn’t be luckier than to be part of their wonderful, talented and deep team!  I am a past Commodore of MYC and this will be my second stint as a member of the MYC Board.  For several years I’ve been MYC’s US Sailing PHRF liaison and am the currently the chair of the MYC protest committee.

Ron Curio, MYC Vice Commodore and Director (thru 2019)

I am an MC sailor.

Once I learned to sail as an undergrad at UW Hoofers in Techs and Interlake and received my Tech heavy air rating, I would spend hours sailing, a wonderful relief after meteorology classes like advance thermodynamic analysis. Learning to sail was the important skill I took away from UW. It has been a life long gift.

My first job after graduation was in Washington, D.C. I sailed little there save a few times on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in a Day Sailor. In 1970 I transferred to Chicago where I joined American Youth Hostels which had a sailing program with boats moored at Monroe Harbor. There I got my first taste of racing in the clubs Rhodes 19's which have a 435 lb. keel, very suitable for Lake Michigan.  I instructed on the Rhodes and a 35 foot cruiser which allowed me to sail WITHOUT CHARGE. I shudder when I remember moving through Monroe Harbor under sail teaching students to pick up mooring cans.

I met the blessing of my life, my then sailing student and future wife, Kathryn, at a preseason "dry land" class. After being turned down for dates the first couple of times because she was "working on her thesis", we got together on an AYH trip I lead to Door County.  We married in Lake Geneva, WI, in 1974. We raced together at AYH. In 1975 I cashed out my federal retirement fund in order to purchase a Rhodes 19, Blue Smoke. At that time we joined and raced with Corinthian Yacht Club at Montrose Harbor. I would also occasionally race on a Lightning or Albacore. We left Corinthian as Fleet Champions in 1985 when we relocated to Madison. Let me tell you, Lake Michigan racing is a lot less challenging than inland lake racing.

Prior to moving I contacted MYC about what fleets raced. I was told there was an M-20 available and thought, "main, jib, spinnaker, same as the Rhodes." Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha ha. I agreed to purchase the M-20 before seeing it or knowing anything about scows. One of the first times Kathryn and I were racing the M-20, I tried to "power through" a puff. We capsized and turtled. As I was sitting on the hull waiting for Harvey, Kathryn was muttering "this is unsafe" and "I have to live for my children". Gabriel was three and Elise was not yet one. This ended our racing together but I enjoyed great racing at MYC until the M-20 fleet "sailed into the sunset".

At that time I purchased my first MC and raced at Pewaukee Yacht Club for twelve years. I also raced M-16 there and had a Sunfish and Laser at different times for sailing on Mendota. I returned to MYC in the spring of 2016 and rediscovered why Mendota is considered one of the best inland lakes for racing and what a warm, friendly club MYC is. The MC is a wonderful single handed boat with great competition and numerous regattas. I enjoy traveling to regattas and have raced the MC on 30+ lakes.

My other interests include cooking, baking, gardening, volunteering at The River Food Panty on Madison's north side, volunteering in various activities at Cathedral Parish on the Isthmus, yoga, and working out at Pinnacle Health and Fitness in Fitchburg.

Afan Ottenheimer, MYC Director (thru 2019)

I'm told I was sailing before I could walk, sleeping on the bottom of a Sweet 16. As a kid, I learned to sail on the lake by our house on small boats: Minifish, Sunfish, Windsurfers, etc.

I tagged along with my folks as they traveled around the country to regattas and would race if there was an available small boat, sailboard, or crew position. I think I learned a lot about sailing, not only from the racing, but also from listening to the old salts chat over beers by the fire.

Our family purchased a few different keelboats over the years and we would trailer those to regattas around the country. We raced J24s, C22s, U20s and I would usually be in the foredeck position.

I didn't do much sailing in college or graduate school, being mostly landlocked, but when my wife and I were looking for places to move to, a place like Madison was high on the list partly because of the nice large lakes and an active sailing community.

When we moved to Madison I joined Hoofers and sailed an MC Scow for the first time ever in 2014. I wasn't used to a boat with two boards, but found the MC Scow a ton of fun. The waves in Lake Mendota on a breezy day are perfect for taking an MC Scow wave surfing!

I've been to many yacht clubs, and MYC stands out on its own as an amazing club with a great group of folks. When I was asked to be on the board I was happy to serve and I am looking forward to both building the MC fleet as well as learning about how I can help support the MYC.

Ben Miller, MYC Secretary 


My first experience sailing was on a Rhodes Bantam, a beautiful 14-foot wooden sailboat, on Cayuga Lake in Upstate New York, when I was about 12. I was hooked immediately. However, my real sailing education began a couple years later on Lasers at at a Boy Scout camp. Sailing all week at camp was the highlight of my summer for the next few years. In addition, my friend's father, who owned the Rhodes, began teaching the two of us to sail it. Unfortunately, my sailing career came to a halt when a squall snapped the wooden mast, and then college consumed my life.


I moved to Madison in August of 2012 to begin a graduate program at UW, and I joined Hoofers immediately. I started sailing dinghies, and then got sucked into the keelboat fleet, eventually earning a skipper rating on Spray. In 2013, another member introduced me to Peggy Elath as substitute crew on her J/80. In 2014, I began teaching on C scows at Hoofers, and began racing with Peggy more regularly. In the Fall of 2014, I joined the Hoofers board as the Scow Fleet captain, and simultaneously became the MYC/Hoofers liason. In 2015, I sailed occasionally with Peggy, and began trimming jib regularly on Eric Kerlow's E-scow.


When I'm not sailing, I'm most likely studying. However, I have sometimes found the time to bicycle around the lakes, climb rocks, or even make the jaunt to Chicago for a concert.

Pete Mooney, Rear Commodore (thru 2020)  
Pete prefers helping Hoofers and MYC over talking about himself, so the editor put together a little info on him here. Pete has been a member of MYC for several years, but he is an institution over at the Hoofer Sailing Club, where he has been a member for over forty years, maybe even close to fifty. He always wears a smile and always can be found out to sea on Lake Mendota, where he is the definitive instructor on the big keelboats. If you see Soma or Decoy racing or with a whole slew of trainees in a lesson, most likely you’ll see Pete’s smiling face and easy-going style giving pointers to the enthusiastic crew.
Pete is always willing to lend a hand and I guess that’s why he was easy to press into service at the MYC Annual Membership Meeting last fall. As a nominee from the floor, Pete graciously agreed to serve on our board and he has been a helpful participant throughout his first year of service.
Do you want a good friend, a good helper, a good sailor? Say “hi” to Pete Mooney!

John Rather, Director (thru 2018)



I’ve been on sailboats since I was in diapers. My father is a life-long sailor and has always encouraged me to make sailing a part of my life. I grew up racing optis, MCs, M-16s and J-24s out of Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club.  I was an active member of the UW Sailing Team all 4 years of college. While in college I also worked summers as a youth instructor and coach, first at my home yacht club and later in Lake Geneva, receiving my U.S. Sailing Levels 1 and 2 instructor certifications along the way. Many of my closest friends are former teammates and fellow coaches I met in college.


While in Milwaukee for law school I crewed on a T-10 that won North Americans and on a Mumm-36. I also was a youth and adult instructor at Milwaukee Yacht Club. After law school I returned to Madison and began crewing on E scows. I met my lovely wife Katie one Sunday crewing on the Sugars’ E scow. She and I now partner with Mike and Susie Barnett on an E, my favorite boat I’ve ever raced. Aside from sailing, Katie and I are avid skiers (cross country and downhill), cyclists, campers and travelers.


I’ve been a part of several yacht and sailing clubs, but none quite like MYC. The collegiality, encouragement and down to earth nature of the club and its members make it one of a kind. I’m looking forward to being further involved in MYC and helping bring new people into sailboat racing, especially youth. We have a wealth of knowledge in the club and I want to see us leverage that to encourage the next generation of sailors.


Clarke Sugar, Director (thru 2018)


My involvement in sailing was in many ways preordained.  Following my cousins' (Ben, Hugh, and Tim) decision to purchase an X-Boat, I was often asked to fill in as crew on windy days.  I also followed their lead by participating in the youth sailing and windsurfing courses every summer through Hoofers.  Eventually, I graduated from the X-Boat and begin crewing on a regular basis on an earlier version of the Mirage with Lon Schoor.  A formative sailing experience occurred during my first regatta on Lake Winnebago when during a cold and windy day the boom vang broke on the A-scow, and I found myself on the skipper's request sitting on back edge of the boom as ballast, feet dangling over the water, as we raced downwind with the remainder of the fleet to our stern. 


In high school, I was able to parlay my interest in sailing into a great summer job by returning to Hoofers as an instructor primarily for their youth sailing and windsurfing classes and conference sailing program.  I continued to teach sailing and windsurfing, along with spending some time doing boat maintenance and repair while attending the UW-Madison.  We have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to boat and sail in some incredible places such as the Apostle Islands, British and U.S Virgin Islands, and the San Francisco Bay Area.  


Aside from sailing, I enjoy hiking, road biking, skiing, camping, traveling and cooking with my wife (Leah) and two children (Bode 3 and Soren 9 mos.). I work as a corporate, bankruptcy, and real estate attorney with Axley Brynelson, LLP in downtown Madison.  My interest in MYC is primarily to give back to and help sustain a club which has offered me so many learning and recreational opportunities as a youth and now as an adult.  I am presently a part of the elite H-19 program that sails out of its own port, so by getting involved with the leadership of MYC I look forward to having more interaction with its members. 

Bob McLauren, Director (through 2020)



I learned how to sail at Hoofers in the early 90’s after I can to the US from the UK for my first postdoc after graduate school (I thought it would be a good time to get an outside hobby instead of being squirreled away in the lab all the time). I went through the usual Hoofer schedule of Techs, then Interlakes and finally managed to get a crew rating on the Santa Cruz 33 Maria. I also got introduced to racing, crewing on M20s.

In 1995 I moved out to the Washington DC area for yet another postdoc at NIH where I managed to get a regular spot crewing on an S2 7.9 out of the West River on the Chesapeake Bay. This gave me my first experience sailing on a slightly bigger body of water than Lake Mendota and doing some overnight port to port races. This also taught me the importance of tides and currents at mark roundings (sail past the mark before dowsing the chute if you are sailing against the current….only make that mistake once).

After four years out East I made it back to Madison and found myself a ride on Brian Louther’s Santa Cruz 27, En Passant in 1999. I have been sailing with Brian ever since (in spite of having to be evacuated off of En Passant on the 2000 Labor Day race with a dislocated shoulder). Seriously, it has been a very enjoyable 19 years racing with Brian and the Veloce team (asymmetricals are so much better than symmetrical chutes…especially when it comes to shoulder injuries). It’s a fantastic group of guys and I couldn’t quite imagine spending my summer in any other way. Last year team Veloce made our first trip to the BVIs with spouses/significant others. That was a superb experience, and one which I am certain we will repeat.


Amidships News

What's New

The 2018 Sailing Season is about to begin!

A new website is in the works that is mobile friendly.


for the 2018 sailing season calendar.

The 2017 Sailing Season Begins

by Susan Stites


Two May events have marked the beginning of Mendota Yacht Club’s 2017 season.


Burrows Park Pier-In


On May 6, around 30 sailors worked to get Burrows Park sailor-ready. They spent the morning installing two piers, painting dollies and bunks, and clearing trash and debris from the adjacent woods.


A change in the configuration of the two piers will provide sailboats more maneuvering room when they are launching from and returning to their pier. Sailors who launch their boats from the south pier will now launch their boats to the right of the pier. This provides extra space between the piers for boats to launch and return.


Spring Party


A big thanks to Dave and Lori Gorwitz for hosting the spring party on May 13. Beautiful weather enabled the 65 MYC members and their families to enjoy their time outside in the Gorwitz’ beautiful back yard. The entire event was sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and several organizations provided the food and drink including:


  • Assorted cheeses paired with fruit provided by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.
  • A wine bar sponsored by Neider & Boucher.
  • Beer sponsored by a local Brewery.
  • Ice cream sponsored by Schoep’s.


Many thanks to Suzanne Fanning, Clarke Sugar, and Tom Stitgen for securing these sponsorships and to Erin Luken for organizing the menu.


A highlight of the dessert bar was the anchor cookies made by Suzanne fanning. They were melt-in-your-mouth delicious and fittingly represented the occasion. She says she can also make them in the shape of sailboats. Maybe those will show up at one of our summer parties!



Suzanne Fanning’s Anchor Cookies

Anchor Cookies

It was encouraging to see the next generation of sailors at this event as many youth were also in attendance. They kept themselves entertained with many activities including a trampoline, foosball, and a hoverboard. We hope to see many of these youth on the water either on their parents’ boats or as part of the youth fleet.



Potential Future Sailors from left to right: Amelia Nicometo, Marisa Gorwitz, Sophie Niemann, Samantha Gorwitz, Luca Nicometo (on hoverboard), and Tilly Neimann.


2017 is off to a good start!


2016 Commodore's Banquet
See the presentation (thank you Brian Louther!) and photos (thank you Susan Stites!) here


by Susan Stites


According to Dennis Conneally, former Management Advisor for the San Francisco Yacht Club, five things make a successful youth sailing program.


  1. Quality instruction at all levels, from learning-to-sail programs to competitive racing.
  2. Organized parental involvement.
  3. Funding through a variety of sources including local 501(c)3 sailing foundations.
  4. Opportunities for young sailors beyond the immediate youth sailing program.
  5. Meaningful contribution to the overall member satisfaction of the club.


If MYC members Brian Anderson and Jamie Hansen have anything to say about it, the Madison area will indeed have thriving and successful youth sailing. Both are on the board of and busily active in the Madison Youth Sailing Foundation (MYSF), a 501(c)3 founded in 1992 that coordinates the efforts of Lake Mendota and Monona sailors and their parents. The goals of the MYSF are to teach sailing and windsurfing, to ensure students have fun as they learn to sail, and to promote a love for the sail sports.


Sailing Instruction


Anderson is proud of the quality and extent of the sailing instruction offered by MYSF. The student-to-instructor ratio is 4 to 1, so students get excellent personal attention. Young people can learn to sail on a variety of craft including Optimist Dinghies, X-Boats, Lasers, or Windsurfers.


According to the MYSF’s website, the Optimist Dinghy “is appropriate for children aged 6 to 16 and is the official youth training boat of sailing schools worldwide.” Madison’s youngsters can learn to sail an “Opti” throughout the summer. Classes are available every week at the Maple Bluff Marina. Classes combine on-the-ground “chalk talk” with on-the-water coaching. During the chalk talk, students learn how to rig and fine-tune their boats. On the water, instructors follow the students and offer suggestions as they sail. Classes are grouped according to skill, so beginners aren’t outmaneuvered by seasoned sailors, and expert sailors have opportunities to race and play boat games.



Martha Anderson Opti Sailing on Lake Mendota—Photo Courtesy of MYSF


While the Opti provides fun and learning for an individual sailor, the X-Boat teaches teamwork for skipper and crew. It is the top training boat for inland lakes. Lake Monona’s Schluter Beach is the host site for X-Boat classes which are held throughout the summer for all levels of sailors. Students are taught teamwork, camaraderie, and leadership, all in a fun environment. A tune-up class at the beginning of summer also prepares students for the many X-Boat regattas held on inland lakes throughout the summer.


The Laser program offers instruction for advanced sailors. According to MYSF’s website, “Lasers are the preferred youth training boat of the International Sailing Federation.” If young sailors have a desire to compete beyond our inland lakes, Laser classes teach them advanced racing skills and strategies.


Kids ages 7-17 can also learn to windsurf. Classes are held throughout the summer at the Maple Bluff Marina. Because classes use short and wide boards, kids are usually up and enjoying the thrill of windsurfing in their first class.


Regardless of the type of boat a child chooses, Anderson hopes that the lessons will provide an opportunity to learn the sport and get hooked on sailing to the point where students choose to crew for other boats or even get their own boats.


Competitive Racing


For kids who want to sail competitively, racing opportunities abound. Optimist Dinghies race every Sunday afternoon throughout the summer at the Maple Bluff Marina. The races are managed by skilled instructors who provide assistance, coaching, and fun. Over on Lake Monona, X-Boats race on Wednesdays and Saturdays with the Lake Monona Sailing Club.


Besides local weekly racing, young sailors can test their skill by participating in regattas. This summer offers six Optimist Dinghy regattas. For regatta beginners, the ILYA sponsors the No Tears Regatta in Cedar Lake, featuring sailing games and other fun events. The Lake Beulah Sailing School sponsors a one-day regatta that is friendly to beginners because the lake is small with minimal boat traffic. The Pram Power regatta in North Lake offers racing for beginning Opti sailors and time to do crafts between races. Advanced Opti racers can participate in Geneva Lake Sailing School’s Dinghy fest, which includes a one-day regatta. This year, about 50 Optis will compete. Racers can also participate in the Opti Championships in Clear Lake, Iowa or, if they qualify, in Opti RWB (Red, White, Blue) Chip.


There are also plenty of regatta opportunities for X-Boaters. Pine Lake was the sponsor for the QUAD Lakes regatta in June. More than 40 X-Boats competed in this regatta with two boats (Oscar Anderson’s Stinger and Billy Hanson’s Demon Cobra) representing Mendota Yacht Club. Lake Geneva Sailing School’s Dinghy fest features a two-day regatta. Oshkosh Yacht Club sponsors the Xtreme regatta, a two-day event that complements racing with off-the-lake activities including a raffle, casino night, and photo booth. The ILYA Championships will be held on Lake Okoboji. Over 100 X-Boats are expected to compete.



An exciting start at the QUAD X-Boat regatta on Pine Lake—Photo Courtesy of Susan Stites


Anderson says he is proud the Mendota Yacht Club has been putting X-Boats into regattas, and there is a positive response from regatta officials. Last year at the opening ceremony for the X-Boat Inlands, MYC was acknowledged for its return to the Inlands after a 30 year absence.


Community Support


Many individuals and organizations have contributed to the success and operation of MYSF. Mendota Yacht Club generously makes its Whaler and lift available for weekly lessons as well as the Sunday racing series. The Monona sailing club and the city of Monona make slips available at Schluter Beach for X-Boats. The ILYA has helped with the cost of three X-Boats for charter to families that commit to participating in MYSF’s lessons and racing programs. They also commit to attending three regattas throughout the summer. Melges Boatworks and Lake Geneva Sailing School helped make three good but affordable X boats available, several ILYA members from Lake Beulah and Lake Geneva donated numerous excellent quality sails to kick start the X program, and Madison’s Boathouse has helped out with special deals on a wide variety of needed equipment and repairs. Individual members from both clubs have offered generous financial donations to help with equipment costs and expenses.


Anderson is optimistic the MYSF is a solid base for the future of sailing in Madison. The kids are excited about the sailing. As they grow out of the youth boats, they are committing to other boats on both Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. Anderson’s own son, Oscar, is an example. This year is his last year of eligibility on an X-Boat and he is looking forward to joining the MC fleet as well as crewing for sailors in both Mendota and Monona clubs.


Sailors from all around the Midwest who have traveled to Madison for both the E Invite regatta and the C Nationals regatta have commented on the excitement the youth programs are bringing to the Madison sailing scene in both clubs.


To learn more about the Madison Youth Sailing Foundation, visit their website at


To read Dennis Conneally’s paper titled Building Successful Junior Sailing Programs, visit



2016 ILYA E-Scow Invite is in the History Book

by Susan Stites


With the help of a gorgeous venue (Governor Nelson State Park), great wind (mostly), and many MYC volunteers, Brendan Boylan and Phil Morley hosted a great regatta. From Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17, forty-four E-Scows competed in the 2016 ILYA E Invitational on Lake Mendota. With two races each day, sailors encountered everything from intense starts to boat-capsizing winds to thrilling mark roundings to Pokémon-finding doldrums.


Friday began with a dismal forecast of light and variable winds. As is often the case, the forecast was all wrong and skippers were scrambling to find extra crew to keep their boats fast and upright through two windy and exciting races. Mark roundings were congested and fierce and awesome to observe. Unfortunately the winds didn’t hold up enough for a third race and many boats required a tow off the lake.



Starting Line (left) and Spinnaker Run (right)—Photos Courtesy and Copyright of m2 Photography


In the evening, sailors and their crew gathered at the Elks Club to enjoy drinks and food and to retell the day’s sailing adventures. The view of Lake Monona was spectacular.








Peter Friend and Daughter Lizzy (Pewaukee Yacht Club) Relaxing at the Elks Club—Photo Courtesy of Susan Stites


Saturday’s winds throughout the day lived up to Friday’s forecast of doldrums. Winds were disappointingly light and variable. Sailors and crew didn’t even launch their boats, instead opting to hang out on shore drinking beer, socializing, and perusing their smart phones and I-Pads. They stayed close to the water in the event of a sudden increase in wind which they got late in the day. It’s a good thing there wasn’t a social event planned that night because they raced into the evening, completing two races and not getting off the lake until near dusk.


Sunday was a bit of a repeat of Friday with a dismal, but false, wind forecast. Sailors raced in unexpectedly high winds and, because many didn’t deem a fourth person necessary, they were under-crewed. Six boats capsized throughout the racing. It’s a good thing there was the UW Lifesaving and many spectator boats on hand to help when needed.


Capsize—Photo Courtesy and Copyright of m2 Photography


In all, there were six very fun and competitive races. Lake Geneva and Lake Minnetonka swept the regatta with four of the top five spots going to these two clubs. Kudos to Brian Porter of Lake Geneva Yacht Club for winning the regatta.


Regatta Winner Brian Porter (of Lake Geneva Yacht Club) and his crew RJ Porter and Colin and Annie Rowe—Photo Courtesy of Susan Stites


Lon Schoor also deserves recognition for being the top Mendota Yacht Club boat, finishing in 8th place. How fitting that he took this honor on his birthday.


Lon Schoor, Top MYC Finisher with Crew Susie Barnett and Miles Clark (Heidi Rosenbaum not pictured)-Photo Courtesy and Copyright of m2 Photography


If you see Brendan Boylan or Phil Morley, give them a big thanks for hosting a great regatta.


Brendan Boylan at the Awards Banquet—Photo Courtesy of Susan Stites



by Susan Stites
Thursday, July 14, 2016
On this hot and sunny Thursday, roughly 40 E-Scows and over 100 sailors from 9 different lakes found their way to Governor Nelson State Park to get their boats ready for the E-Scow ILYA Invitational Regatta, starting tomorrow. Mendota Yacht Club is the proud host of this regatta. Candace Porter, Jeff Wong, and Pam Olson were on hand to complete registrations and dispense regatta information.
Today’s arriving sailors may have been impressed with the 15+ mph winds and 25+ gusts, but tomorrow’s winds will be much more tame at 7-10 mph. Temperatures will be comfortable in the mid-70s.
There is still time to help out with the regatta. You can sign up by contacting Brendan Boylan at Or, if you prefer, just show up at Governor Nelson State Park and you will be put to work.

by Susan Stites

On June 18 and 19, Mendota Yacht Club held its 20th annual Payton Regatta. There were 24 boats and over 60 sailors competing in the event. While Saturday brought light winds and no racing, there were two fun and competitive races on Sunday.

This year, the MC Scow fleet competed for the esteemed Mallory Cup, a trophy donated to MYC by former Principal Race Officer Jim Payton. Ron Curio took first place in the MC division, finishing in 1st and 3rd places in the two Sunday races, and winning the Mallory Cup. Paul McMillan and David Sebald took 2nd and 3rd places. David enjoyed the races so much he even sailed some extra legs with fellow MC'er Afan Ottenheimer.

The E Scow fleet saw competitive racing with only 2 points separating the 1st and 6th place boats. Hugh and Tim Sugar took first place with consistent sailing in the two races. Three boats, Phil Zalog, Lon Schoor, and Emily Green/Bob Holz, all tied for 2nd place in the E fleet.

Ben Brewer and his crew took first place in the Keelboat division while Brian Louther and Pam Olson/Jeff Wong took 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Ron Curio, Mallory Cup Winner 2016
Tim and Hugh Sugar, Winner of E Scow Division
Ben Brewer, Winner of the Keelboat Division

The Payton Picnic


After an extremely hard day of no sailing on Saturday, MYC members relaxed at the Maple Bluff Swim Beach with a pot luck cookout. As always, members showed off their picnic prowess with delicious appetizers, salads, and desserts including everything from cheese and crackers, bacon, and key lime cheesecake. Brian Louther, the grill master, made steak and baked potatoes to complete the hearty meal.

Grill Masters Grant Frautschi and Brian Luther

The Mallory Cup


The Mendota Yacht Club is privileged to have Jim Payton’s Mallory Cup as part of its trophy trove. Jim Payton, a former MYC commodore and PRO, was awarded the Mallory Cup in 1962 after winning the North American Men’s Sailing Championship in Newport Beach, California. This competition pitted the top sailors from 32 yacht clubs against each other in a series of local, regional, and national races. Jim and his crew, Peter Barrett and Charlie Miller, won the competition. The event created considerable excitement for the Mendota Yacht Club and the Madison area. In addition to local television and newspaper coverage, Jim and his crew were featured in Sports Illustrated and The New York Times. It was rare for a Midwesterner to win this competition. In fact, the only other Midwesterner to win the Mallory Cup was Buddy Melges, owner of Melges sails and an America’s Cup sailor. He won it three times.

The Mallory Cup

History of the Payton Regatta


The seed for the Payton Regatta was a simple after-race party and pig roast at the Maple Bluff Boat House in Warner Park sponsored by Jim Payton. There was no regatta and no trophy, only hungry sailors convening to discuss the excitement of the day’s race, and to satisfy their thirst and appetites. Jim continued to host this event until his health began to fail, but by then the pig roast had become an annual after-race event.


Through a provision in his will, Jim bequeathed his Mallory Cup to the MYC. It was his wish that the cup be awarded to the winner of the race that preceded the pig roast. After Jim’s death and upon receiving the Mallory Cup, the MYC board created the Payton Regatta, a two-day event in memory of Jim. The Mallory Cup would be awarded to the winning skipper of the regatta. Every year, the MYC board chooses the fleet that competes for the cup.


You can learn more about Jim Payton and the Mallory Cup in the Historical Records section of this website.




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E Fleet Loaner Boat
The loaner boat, H-23, is a terrific boat available for charter for the 2016 season. The E-Scow is available for persons who want to try E-Scow racing for a season without the large investment of buying their own boat. We will help tutor and mentor you during the season so that you become comfortable with racing an E-Scow. If you have any interest please contact Lon or Hugh
  photo by Joe Stanton
MCs for Kids Too!
The MC is a great boat for youth sailors to either sail or crew. Please keep the MC fleet in mind if you know of a younger person interested in sailing. The MC can also be a nice option for graduating Opti sailors looking to continue sailing. Don’t hesitate to ask an MC sailor about the boat or sailing options as the fleet would be happy to have youths sail with us, especially when the wind picks up.
If you have any questions about the MC fleet or would have interest in meeting fleet members at a social outing, please don’t hesitate to contact fleet captain David Sebald.

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