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Burrows Pier In, Registration, Future Work Parties

Barbie Stimpson
Hi Everyone at Burrows,

It's time for lots of Burrows activities and preparation for the coming 2014 season.  Pier in date is May 3 at 8:30 a.m. Hope to see you all there.

First, if you are indeed planning to be there, please take a few minutes to complete payment and mail your registration.  Whether you own a scow or a small boat to store on the "laser rack", you can pay online (or mail a check) and find the appropriate contract online here:

Contract for Burrows Boat Storage

Follow instructions at the link above for mailing completed contracts and payment.

Remember:  All boats must wait until pier-in is done and registration is completed before storing a boat at Burrows.

If you just don't have the time to volunteer, please solicit your crew to work for your maintenance deposits, thus permitting them to be compensated at $20 per hour for work done on your behalf.

This year we will have 3 work parties.  Pier-in and Pier-out continue to be the most important, but we also have a Burrows cleanup day mid-summer (date to follow), and refreshments to boot!  There's ample opportunity to volunteer to keep Burrows in tip-top shape while earning back those maintenance deposits.  If you can't make the scheduled 3 dates, feel free to schedule your own task and time, just send me a quick email response.

See everyone on May 3rd,
Craig Jefferds