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Upcoming Events and More (October 27, 2014)

Barbie Stimpson
MYC Board of Directors Meeting (Monday, November 3, 2014)
Wonder what your board of directors is up to this year?  You are invited to attend any of the monthly meetings, which are held the first Monday of the month, beginning informally at 6 p.m. and convening for the official meeting at 6:30.  The location changes each month, so be sure to check the MYC Calendar for details. November's meeting will be held at the Rigby Pub and Grill, 119 East Main Street.  All are invited for dinner and drinks following the meeting.
2015 Chicago Boat, RV, and Strictly Sail Show (January 14-18, 2015)
Be sure to plan on attending the expanded Strictly Sail Show for 2015, which now includes other boats and RVs. See for details.  Also see this announcement for details of the one-day Hoofer Sailing Club excursion on Saturday, January 17th.  This is a great opportunity to skip the driving and join a big group from the Madison area to descend on the Saturday event.
MYC trophies now on display at the Edgewater Hotel (October 27, 2014)

The next time you’re visiting the Edgewater, be sure to inspect the display cases on level 7, just outside the Statehouse Bar. Our club has provided two retired trophies for a more or less permanent display. They are: The Gene Wheeler Memorial, originally a C boat trophy, repurposed for Keelboat Division 1 but retired a few years ago. The other is an X Boat trophy awarded for 1st place in the July 4th Handicap race. Thanks to Andrew Lewis for doing the legwork on this.