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News for MYC'ers (October 3, 2014)

Barbie Stimpson

Specialty Trophies
Have you ever wondered why or how someone received the Tanglefoot award or Member of the year?
Each year at our annual banquet we recognize several members who have exemplified themselves for their performance on the race course, their service to our club or a host of other reasons.
These special awards are:

  • The Betty Bamforth Yachtswoman of the Year
  • The Stu Seffern Crew of the Year
  • The Tanglefoot Award
  • The Hi-C's Member of the Year (two awards)

You'll find a complete description of the specialty trophies here plus instructions for nominating a friend, competitor or a faithful member of your crew for one of these special awards.  Sorry, unless it's a documented special circumstance, pets--no matter how faithful, are not eligible for any of these awards.  You may, however, self-nominate.
Because the board will meet next week to make selections, nominations are due by midnight, this Sunday, October 5. 
Tech Intergalactics this weekend
E-Boater Mike Barnett reminds us that sailors from across the galaxy will be in town this weekend to compete in the 40th anniversary edition of the Tech IG's.  The breeze will be up which promises plenty of action on the water off the Memorial Union.