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2015 Payton Regatta

Don Sanford  | Published on 6/17/2015

Here's news for you about the Payton Regatta Potluck and our Friday night series.

WHAT:  Our regatta's namesake, Jim Payton, believed that any sailing event had to be celebrated, preferably with a beer and something good to eat.  Each year we celebrate the conclusion of the first day of the Payton Regatta with a cookout. The tradition continues this year with a steak feed this Saturday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m.

WHERE:  The Maple Bluff beach house, 365 Lakewood Blvd., across the street from the Maple Bluff Country Club.

WHO:  Skippers, encourage your crew to attend (after you've made sure their dues are paid.)  New members, we look forward to seeing you too.

WHAT (AGAIN):  It’s a potluck. Bring a dish to share. The club supplies (and cooks) the steaks, a baked potato, beverages, plates and utensils.

Scotty Louther has stepped up to be our grillmaster, cooking steak to perfection.

WHEN:  Come early and play croquet, bocce ball, toss a Frisbee or maybe some volleyball (whatever you decide to bring). This is the best beach on the lake; so if summer returns and the algae blows down to the west end of the lake, bring your suit and towel.

HOW (much):   for all this fun you ask? In keeping with MYC tradition, this party is another benefit of your MYC membership. That’s right, you get a steak, baked potato and a beverage for free! The cost for non-member guests is just $15.00 and you can pay at the party.Regatta registration for non-members is $20.00, which includes dinner.

HOW (to RSVP): Send a short note with your name and the number of guests to:

COMING BY BOAT?:  A few folks have asked if they can come by boat. Bob Yost lives right next to the park and has offered his pier as a mooring spot.  Space is limited.  Bring an anchor and do a MedMoor to save space.

    If the breeze is from any direction that includes "west", i.e.
      SouthWest, West or NorthWest this becomes a lee shore.  If it's
      blowing, there will be big rollers here.
    It's shallow at this pier.
    Don't take a shortcut through the swimming area.
    If it's nice, I'm guessing that there will be enough boats here
      that you can "drop the hook" offshore and someone will come
      along to give you a ride in.
    Sunsets are great.
ANYTHING ELSE?  Come early and help with the set-up or stay a bit late and help take things apart.
Dane Vermillion asks that I remind you all that our regular Friday Night Series will not be sailed this week and this week only due to the Payton Regatta.
Skippers, have your crew (all of them) paid their dues?  "Huh?  I'm not sure..."

  • Check the on-line membership directory on our website, it knows.
  • If your crew is a member then they'll receive this invite as well as news about other MYC events (they only go to members).
  • "He/she's a student and I know that money is tight."  If that's your excuse then spring for a "new" membership.  It's cheap.
  • Besides, it's a rule that all crew must be a member of the club.

    See you on the water...

Don Sanford