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Sunday Racing Photos - September 6, 2015

Barbie Stimpson  | Published on 9/6/2015

Photo credits:  Andy Jackson

The wind blew nicely on this steamy morning and it helped cool off racers and observers on a day that went above 90 F by mid-afternoon at Bob Yost's Hot Dog Fest after the races.
Check out some of Andy's great photos of highly-contested races.  Then follow the links to see more photos of your choosing.  To scan through them quickly you can click the photos within the albums - or you can let the album displayer show you the slide shows at a more leisurely pace.
Race Highlights

Observer Highlights
Links to Full Photo Sequences and Race Results
At the party after the races, all were thankful for the cooling onshore breeze, the shade trees, Scottie Louther's tolerance of the grill heat as he cooked up some great hot dogs, Mary Ann Farley's delicious and graciously-served chocolate chip cookies, Liz Tiefenthaler's contribution of a nice fruit salad, and Bob's hosting of yet another successful end-of-season party.